Happy Birthday Symco.

Based on a study published by Bloomberg, the average life expectancy of a multinational Fortune 500 corporation or equilivant is between 40 and 50 years. A full 1/3 of the companies listed in 1973 Fortune 500 had vanished by 1983 through mergers, acquisition or broken apart.

What does this have to do with Symco?

Symco is 32 years old this year!

How did we get here?

Symco started in 1983 brokering Burroughs (the original one) terminals and desktop printers. This quickly expanded to buying and selling Burroughs mainframes.

In 1985, one of our clients in Atlanta was looking for a company to maintain their Burroughs mainframe. They asked us if we knew of an alternate source other than Burroughs. From that conversation, they asked us to do the support and we agreed. We hired our first tech and rapidly grew our mainframe support business in the metro Atlanta market.

After many great years supporting Burroughs mainframes, a new “flavor” began chipping away at that equipment base – Unix. Small and mid-size Burroughs shops began converting to less expensive Unix systems. We began the process of looking for the next growth platform.

Talking with our clients, we began looking for solutions to support that were larger, mission critical electro-mechanical in nature and were not a large leap from our core competencies. Some of our banking clients had check processing equipment that fit the model. We began by supporting Unisys (Burroughs and Sperry had merged by this time and became Unisys) check sorters. We have sold and supported every variety of Unisys sorter produced since the Unisys/Burroughs S4000 and S6000’s.

Over the years, we expanded our check scanning support to include other manufacturers to include NCR, Banctec and IBM. Today we are recognized as an ISO by NCR which allows us to license the diagnostics and buy parts if needed directly from NCR.

In 2003, Check 21 was enacted into law and has slowly impacted the check transport business. Seeing that we needed to adjust again, Symco again looked at our customers businesses to see what our next opportunity would be. We expanded our support to include desktop check scanners and provided several options to include onsite support, depot support and managed delivery. We also resharpened our support from the back office of check processors to the front lines of financial institutions.

In 2012, we had another client ask us to look at supporting their production print and mail insertion equipment. These conversations lead to our company supporting a whole host of new equipment for them that fits with our core competencies. Production printers, mail insertion and pre and post equipment from several manufacturers expanded our capabilities. In order to meet those needs, we acquired Pro Mailing Equipment which has a history and technical expertise within this industry.

Today, we still sell and support many of the same equipment types and even some of the same customers from many years ago. The models have changed from the original Burroughs S4000’s to the latest Quantum sorters or Unisys B6500 to Unisys Libra mainframe or Oce’ Ion Deposition Printers to today’s digital ink jet printers but the our core focus has remained true. We buy, sell and support large, mission critical electro-mechanical solutions.

We believe our success and ability to stay in business for the long term can be directly attributed to:

  1. Our focus on our core competencies
  2. Ability to evolve with technology
  3. Providing superior solutions
  4. Focusing on properly servicing our clients needs
  5. Always try to provide more value to our clients than what they are charged

We are looking forward to many more years and thank each and every client who has worked with our company over the years.

Symco wants your excess equipment!

Upgrading one or more solutions and need someone to buy your excess or no longer needed equipment? Maybe you are going through a merger, acquisition or liquidation and need to sell equipment fast?

Symco Group is here to help. We buy:

  • Production printers
    • IBM/Ricoh
    • Oce’
    • Xerox
    • Kodak
  • Mail equipment
    • Pitney Bowes
    • Bell and Howell
    • Bowe Systec
    • Kern
    • Hewlett Packard
  • Finishing equipment
    • Hunkeler
    • Roll Systems (RSI)
    • Tecnau
    • Lasermax
    • ESP
  • Mainframes
    • IBM
    • Unisys
  • Production scanning equipment
    • Unisys
    • IBML
    • Banctec
    • NCR
    • Digital Check
    • Canon
    • Panini

When selling your equipment to Symco we will make it transparent. Equipment is paid for prior to pickup. We will handle the de-installation and manage the removal and shipping out of your facility allowing you to focus on your own business.

Whatever your situation, let us know how we can help.

Symco Group

5012 Bristol Industrial Way

Buford GA 30518