Mailcrafter Edge Inserter, (2) Reliant Stream Feeders and (2) Profold Elite Air Feed Folder For Sale…

Symco Group has a client who is looking to sell one Inserco Mailcrafter Edge High Speed Inserter – 4 station inserter with conveyor (purchased 2001), (2) Profold Elite air feed folders and (2) Reliant Streamfeed Feeders.


  • One – Inscerco Mailcrafter Edge High Speed Inserter – 4 station
  • One – Conveyor for Mailcrafter Edge High Speed Inserter
  • Two – Profold Elite Air Feed Folders
  • Two – Reliant Streamfeed Feeders

Equipment is available immediately and were originally purchased by the enduser new. They have closed their direct mail operation and the equipment is currently wrapped in storage.

If you want more information including pictures or want to purchase this equipment, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or email us at

Inscerco Mailcrafter Edge 9800 High Speed Mail Inserter Product Overview

Mailcrafters Edge 9800 High Speed Inserting System

This rugged workhorse of the mailing industry is universally known as the best production value for the busy mail center and/or office environment. Engineered for reliable and long lasting service, the 9800, receiving periodic enhancements, has been in production for over 30 years. It will automatically collate, stuff, seal and stack envelopes or pass them through an inline postage meter to yield a finished mailing ready for bundling. The basis of its smooth high-speed operation is the parallel or conjugated cam. Mailcrafters gripper arm detection system guards against missed or double inserts and is regarded as the most reliable in the industry. Document selection and separation from the insert stations is by vacuum control which gives 9800/9800L a high degree of consistency and reliability for all types of paper media.

The Edge Series Model 9800/9800L is available in stacker, envelope turn-over, sealer-roller and conveyor configuration. Standard features include a safety two hand start and simple initial machine setup, without special tools. A true “operator friendly” inserting machine.

The ultimate choice for any mail center and/or office environment.

Inscerco Mailcrafters Edge 9800 / 9800L Features: 

  • Conjugated Cam Drive
  • Rugged Drive System
  • Envelope Turn-Over, Conveyor or Stacker Configuration
  • Two Hand “Safety” Start
  • Simple Set-Up Procedure
  • Color Operator Interface (Touch Screen)
  • PLC Control with Self Diagnostics
  • Station Toggle
  • Positive Vacuum Insert Selection
  • “Whisper” Vacuum Pump
  • Sequential Start-Up/Shut-Down Programming

Inscerco Mailcrafters Edge 9800 / 9800 L Standard Configurations:

  • Insert stations available:
    • 4 – 6 and up
  • Insert size:
    • 6″ x 9″ – 1/4″ thickness
  • Envelope size:
    • 6-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ maximum
    • 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ minimum
  • Envelope flap depth:
    • 2-3/8″ maximum (depending on flap construction)
  • Power Requirements:
    • 220 Volt Single Phase 30 amperes
    • 220 Volt Three Phase 20 amperes
  • B.T.U. Ratings:
    • 220 Volt Single Phase 2405 BTU/hr.
    • 220 Volt Three Phase 1479 BTU/hr.
  • Machine Weights (6 Station):
    • 9800 9800L
      • Turnover:
        • 1351 lbs. 1534 lbs.
      • Stacker:
        • 1266 lbs. 1350 lbs.
      • Sealer Roller:
        • 1351 lbs. 1533 lbs.
      • Conveyor:
        • 152 lbs. 152 lbs.
      • (Add 900 lbs. for cabinet model)

PFE / Neopost Maximailer Intelligent Folder / Inserter For Sale

Symco Group has a client who is looking to sell their PFE / Neopost Maximailer. Immediately available.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would like additional information, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or

PFE - Neopost Maximailer - Customer Photo (Actual Customer Photo)

Maximailer Product Overview


PFE - Neopost Maximailer Tower Folder

The powerful and versatile three plate folder is capable of producing all fold types for documents with virtually any address position. All folds are set automatically when a job is programmed. It is available with either 1 or 3 hoppers providing cascade capability and a maximum capacity of 1,000 sheets.

With the addition of the collate station and OMR, the intelligent Maximailer can accumulate up to 8 page documents before folding and adding required inserts. All models have a hand-feed option allowing pre-collated sets to be folded and inserted.

Insert Feeders

PFE - Neopost Maximailer Single Feeder

Our high capacity insert feeder holds up to 300 mail pieces and features a unique separator that can easily cope with a wide variety of inserts from a single 16lbs document up to a 4mm thick booklet. The hoppers may be loaded during running in order to maximize efficiency.

PFE - Neopost Maximailer Tower Feeder

Document Security

Each individual hopper on the Maximailer is equipped with an infra-red electronic double document detection system. This accurately measures both the thickness and length of each document, ensuring the integrity of your mailings.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1-9 stations (6 feeders & 3 sheet feeders)
  • Daily Post’ function for hand feed items
  • Handles stationery from 16lbs to 1/6” thick booklets
  • Collated packs up to 1⁄4” thick
  • Fully automatic fold and envelope settings
  • 20 User programmable job memories
  • Cycles at up to 4,500 filled envelopes per hour

Inserting Head:

  • Envelope Size:
    • Depth: 31/2” – 61/2”
    • Width: 6” – 103/8”
  • Insert Pack Thickness: 1/4”
  • Envelope hopper capacity: Up to 400 envelopes

Insert Feeder:

  • Material Size:
    • Depth: 3” – 6”
    • Width: 51/2” – 91/2”
    • Minimum Weight: Single sheet – 16lbs
    • Maximum Thickness: 1/6”
    • Hopper capacity: Up to 300 BREs


  • Material Size:
    • Depth: 51/2” – 16”
    • Width: 51/2” – 9”
    • Weight: 16lbs – 32lbs single sheet
  • Up to 8 sheets 20lbs prior to folding
  • Hopper capacity: Up to 500 sheets