PFE / Neopost Maximailer Intelligent Folder / Inserter For Sale

Symco Group has a client who is looking to sell their PFE / Neopost Maximailer. Immediately available.

If you are interested in purchasing this product or would like additional information, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or

PFE - Neopost Maximailer - Customer Photo (Actual Customer Photo)

Maximailer Product Overview


PFE - Neopost Maximailer Tower Folder

The powerful and versatile three plate folder is capable of producing all fold types for documents with virtually any address position. All folds are set automatically when a job is programmed. It is available with either 1 or 3 hoppers providing cascade capability and a maximum capacity of 1,000 sheets.

With the addition of the collate station and OMR, the intelligent Maximailer can accumulate up to 8 page documents before folding and adding required inserts. All models have a hand-feed option allowing pre-collated sets to be folded and inserted.

Insert Feeders

PFE - Neopost Maximailer Single Feeder

Our high capacity insert feeder holds up to 300 mail pieces and features a unique separator that can easily cope with a wide variety of inserts from a single 16lbs document up to a 4mm thick booklet. The hoppers may be loaded during running in order to maximize efficiency.

PFE - Neopost Maximailer Tower Feeder

Document Security

Each individual hopper on the Maximailer is equipped with an infra-red electronic double document detection system. This accurately measures both the thickness and length of each document, ensuring the integrity of your mailings.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1-9 stations (6 feeders & 3 sheet feeders)
  • Daily Post’ function for hand feed items
  • Handles stationery from 16lbs to 1/6” thick booklets
  • Collated packs up to 1⁄4” thick
  • Fully automatic fold and envelope settings
  • 20 User programmable job memories
  • Cycles at up to 4,500 filled envelopes per hour

Inserting Head:

  • Envelope Size:
    • Depth: 31/2” – 61/2”
    • Width: 6” – 103/8”
  • Insert Pack Thickness: 1/4”
  • Envelope hopper capacity: Up to 400 envelopes

Insert Feeder:

  • Material Size:
    • Depth: 3” – 6”
    • Width: 51/2” – 91/2”
    • Minimum Weight: Single sheet – 16lbs
    • Maximum Thickness: 1/6”
    • Hopper capacity: Up to 300 BREs


  • Material Size:
    • Depth: 51/2” – 16”
    • Width: 51/2” – 9”
    • Weight: 16lbs – 32lbs single sheet
  • Up to 8 sheets 20lbs prior to folding
  • Hopper capacity: Up to 500 sheets