Symco Group is looking to buy mail inserters

We are going through our inventory of swing arm inserters and accumulator / feeder / folders fast and have an immediate need to buy more.

If you have one or more working inserters or accumulator / feeder / folders for sale, please contact Symco Group today. Symco Group will arrange the shipping and removal of the equipment from your facility.

Looking for the following:

  • Bell and Howell Mastermailer 776 (Mailstar 350)
  • Bell and Howell MS400 (775)
  • Bell and Howell MS450 (Stretch 6 x 12)
  • Bell and Howell MS500 (A825)
  • Bell and Howell MS4000
  • Mailcrafters 1200 / 1200x
  • Mailcrafter 9800 / 9800L
  • Mailcrafters Edge II 9800 / 9800L

We are also looking to purchase the following accumulator feeder folders:

  • GBR 420 Accumulator Feeder Folder
  • GBR 438 Accumulator Feeder Folder

Contact Symco Group today at 800-878-8002 or email us at We would like to receive pictures of the inserter, page count and if there are any issues removing the equipment from your facility we need to be aware of ahead of time.