Otto Künneke CASS C6000 Card Attachment Parts For Sale…

The high end: Card Attachment Secure System – CASS C6000

Symco Group has a large quantity of parts available for the Otto Künnecke CASS C6000 Card Attachment System after stripping down two machines. These high quality German made parts include feeders, belts, power supplies, bearings, logic boards, motors, and more.

If you are looking for one or more parts for your Otto Künnecke CASS C6000 please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or email us at

Quick, individual and flexible card processing 

Those who wish to process plastic cards in an optional way and who do not wish to compromise, need an individually configured CASS C6000. With its high working speed of up to 6000 cycles per hour, our most powerful system becomes either a specialist or a multi-talent. It is entirely up to the customer what he wants. And there is always the possibility to have the system extended at a later stage.

Otto Kunnecke CASS C6000

The range of employment of the CASS C6000 is mainly in areas where there are extremely high requirements: because enormous amounts of mail have to be processed around the clock. Or because a large number of small lot sizes have to be processed. But there are more reasons for the employment of the CASS C6000. One of them is its amazing versatility which, if required, allows for the operation of the system without the card channel as a single- or multiple channel insertion system. Another reason is the simplicity with which the CASS C6000 can be controlled by means of the Windows – based DIALok operating interface and with which the process data can be fed in. For all these reasons, but also for some other good reasons, the list of companies and organisations which process their mail with our CASS C6000, seems to be already something like the “Who is who” of the card branch.

Important performance features

  • Modular structure
  • Up to 6000 cards per hour
  • MS-Windows® operating system
  • 1-2 cards per form are standard, 3-4 cards as an option
  • Variable card positioning and -fixing
  • 5mm tolerance for edges and fold Affixing tape with 38mm (1.5”) width and a length of 8-15mm (0.3” to 0.6”)

Reading options for carriers

  • Barcode/OMR/OCR-alignment for forms printed off-line
  • Barcodes 39, 2/5, 128 and others OCR by camera / software
  • In-line or off-line printing respectively by card reading or database
  • Continuous or single sheet printing
  • Upgradable for future demands

Reading options for plastic cards

  • Magnetic stripe
  • chip-reading
  • OCR
  • Barcodes 39, 2/5, 128 and others

Many configuration options, such as:

  • Personalized 2. and 3. pages
  • Multiple folds
  • Personalized MICR check insertion
  • Card thickness 0,32 – 0,9mm