Symco Group customer wants to sell or trade their Pitney Bowes Series 8 Inserter

Pitney Bowes Series 8 Inserter For Sale

If you are interested in more information or would like to purchase / trade for this Pitney Bowes Series 8 mail inserter, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or email at


  • Just under 26 million cycles
  • Installed in 2005
  • Currently under Pitney Bowes maintenance until March 2016
  • Always been under Pitney Bowes maintenance
  • The feeders were rebuilt earlier this year.
  • Pitney Bowes Direct Connect Software

Reason for selling:

  • Customer¬†switched to a swing arm machine 3 years ago that has a camera system which the PB doesn’t have on it.¬† The high capacity feeder has never been used.¬† There is nothing wrong with this machine – customer just don’t use it and needs the space.

Additional customer note:

  • The R150 base will not be going with the machine as we can use that as a backup for our swing arm machine.

Trade Interest:

  • One or two Streamfeeders as well as a turnover unit