Let Symco rebuild your worn out swing arm inserter

Replace or Rebuild?

Many clients are running older swing arm inserters. We know this equipment is valuable to your daily business and you can’t be without it. Over the years, this equipment becomes worn out and many times causing missed deadlines and unnecessary overtime. Bandaid methods are used to keep them running.

Unfortunately, you do not have time for someone to come onsite and bring your equipment down or remove for several weeks to do a complete rebuild or you cannot cost justify replacing it with something new.

Symco Group is here to help. Our Rebuild service provides your company with equipment completely rebuilt at a fraction of the price of new and a savings over buying used.

You have two options with Symco. One is a “rebuild and replace” and the other is a “rebuild only” solution.

With the rebuild and replace solution, Symco will match the configuration of the existing piece(s) of equipment you have in production with an identically rebuilt machine or add additional (selective feed, reading, verification, tracking, accumulation/feeder/folder) features to a rebuilt machine that you’ve been needing but haven’t been able to justify buying.

Our trained technicians will configure your rebuilt machine with all new “wearable” parts such as shafts, belts, rollers, bearings, hoses, etc. Completely disassemble the machine to the frame and throughly clean every items, powder coat paint all metal and paint all skins and frame, and then re-assemble. We will then test your machine with your test documents to ensure it runs at peak production. Your machine will arrive at a minimum of 95% new.

Once the rebuild is complete, we will arrange the shipment of the rebuilt machine to your shop and have our technician(s) come onsite and install. Once it is up and running, our technicians will deinstall the existing worn machine, arrange, and handle the shipping out of your facility back to Symco as part of a trade in program.

For people who prefer to keep their existing inserter and only want it rebuilt, Symco Group’s second option provides you with a perfect solution. Symco Group will ship in a temporary inserter that matches the specs of your inserter, arrange for your inserter to be shipped to Symco Group for rebuild. Once rebuilt, Symco Group will arrange shipment and have our technician(s) come onsite and install. Once the rebuilt inserter in installed, Symco Group will have our temporary inserter picked up and shipped back to Symco Group.

In addition to our rebuild services, Symco Group can add Select Feed, Reporting, Document Tracking and new Feeder/Folder/Accumulator.

These processes are designed to guarantee maximum uptime for your business and provide a machine(s) that will provide many years of outstanding production at a fraction of the price of new

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