Bell and Howell Mailstar 2000 For Sale

Symco Group has a Bell and Howell Mailstar 2000 Swing Arm inserter with 6 insert stations and conveyor for sale.

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Bell and Howell Mailstar 2000 Product Overview

Bell and Howell BH 2000, a computer-controlled, operator-friendly inserter, was designed to enhance the productivity of direct mailers by increasing efficiencies and lowering operating costs. The Bell and Howell BH 2000 offers the most productive, reliable, cost-effective method of processing mail while providing the flexibility to add options that enhance the system as your applications change.

Bell and Howell BH 2000 Base Machine Features and Benefits:

New technology enhancements include:

  • Increased insert stack height from 10″ to 18″ (application dependent).
  • Newly designed envelope stuffing table for enhanced material control.
  • Low insert stack detection
  • High-capacity envelope loader that can triple the capacity of a traditional envelope hopper (optional feature)
  • Enhanced tailpiece controls in the raceway
  • Improved cycle speed and higher net throughputs

The Bell and Howell BH 2000 provides one of the highest ratio of throughput to cycle speed on the market. With a top cycling speed of 11,000 envelopes per hour (application dependent), actual throughput efficiency rates are targeted at 75% to 85% of cycle speed.

These highly productive rates are a result of:

  • A computer-controlled operating system, which increases the ease of job set-up, provides instant job recall and allows operators to view machine performance and cycle speed information.
  • Adaptive control features that allow the system speed to be increased and decreased for the particular application being run without the need for mechanical changes in the set-up parameters.

Bell and Howell BH 2000 also has the ability to display detailed job statistics, providing information for job analysis and the ability to save a file for future recall. This powerful management tool aids in planning for future production as well as production scheduling.

Bell and Howell BH 2000 Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Gripper arms calibrate and recalibrate themselves during system operation, eliminating the occurrence of doubles and misses.
  • Back-up insert hoppers allow the operator to designate adjacent hoppers for the same insert, virtually eliminating most misses.
  • Track and support hardware and software improve control over inserts, reducing jams in the track while providing increased flexibility with the size of the inserts and types of material that can be run on your equipment.
  • Insert station improvements help to separate and pull materials, reducing jams in the raceway.
  • Shuttle envelope hopper provides added flexibility and reliability.
  • New laser beam detectors in the insert raceway area ensure instant stopping of the system should a problem arises, reducing damage to inserts.
  • New grooved insert plate, stop plate and return guide with modified pusher fingers reduce jams.
  • Automatic diverting of misses, doubles, and selected pieces – without stopping the inserting system – enable increased throughput while maintaining integrity.
  • Microprocessor control provides refined operation parameters, ease-of-operation and control over the entire system.
  • New single pump, dual-manifold vacuum system improves suction at each insert station and envelope feeder, resulting in fewer missed inserts and envelopes.
  • System’s user interface enables operation of all inserter functions via a touch screen monitor, making it easy-to-use by operators of all skill levels.
  • Job programming includes: – Back-up hopper pull; Programmed quality control checking; Programmed insert memory; Non-sealing option; Automatic non-sealing of misses and doubles; Job parameter setting “Save and Recall” by job name.

Bell and Howell BH 2000 Options:

  • Reliant streamfeeders
  • Open-windowed envelope attachments
  • End-fold attachments
  • Open feed station
  • 60″ or 90″ flat output or on-edge output conveyors
  • Envelope ZIP marking
  • Envelope integrity solutions using Bell and Howell’s advanced visions solution reader

The system may also be upgraded with an intelligent cut sheet feeder / folder or continuous form feeder / folder on six station models only.

Bell and Howell BH 2000 Specifications:

  • Cycle speed and configuration
    • 6 stations, 11,000 cycles per hour
    • 8 stations, 10,000 cycles per hour
    • Available in 6 or 8 stations only
  • Power
    • 208vac, 30A, Three Phase, 50/60 Hz
    • 5 Wire with Neutral
  • Materials Envelope Ranges
    • Maximum: 10 3/8″ x 6 1/4″ (264mm x 159mm)
    • Minimum: 6″ x 3 1/2″ (152mm x 89mm)

Symco Group is a reseller and provider of maintenance services on the entire line of Bell and Howell Mail Handling products.

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