Pitney Bowes DM550 with IntelliLink Technology For Sale Immediately

Symco Group has a client wanting to sell an excess Pitney Bowes DM550 Intellilink Mailing System. System is immediately available.

Customer description: Our firm has recently transitioned from using a Pitney Bowes Postage Metering system to electronic stamps. We have a fully operational Pitney Bowes Model DM550 with scale that we no longer utilize.  Is this something you would be interested in purchasing? The meter portion has been returned to Pitney Bowes, but the balance of the machine is fully intact and in excellent condition.  We never had any trouble with this equipment during the period of time it was being used.  It has only been retired from use for about two weeks now. 

Pitney Bowes DM550(Actual Picture from client)

If you are interested in purchasing this unit, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or email us at info@symcogroup.com.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Product Spotlight.

Built For Flexible Performance And Greater Productivity.

  • Streamlined Processing – The DM550 is more than able to meet your daily demands. By automatically feeding, sealing and imprinting postage on up to 160 envelopes per minute, this system gets the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrated Weighing Option – Conveniently located next to the feeder, this 5 lb. integrated scale can improve your productivity. It enables you to easily process individual, overweight pieces with the correct postage rate – every time.
  • Differential Weigh And Feed – This feature enables you to place mixed mailpieces on the scale platform (choose from our 5 lb. integrated scale or other remote platforms that handle heavier material). As you remove a piece from the stack, the correct rate is calculated, and the proper postage is printed.
  • Versatile Feeding – Thickness and size adjustments are minimized by the DM550’s ability to process various sized envelopes. The system handles material up to 5/8” thick with sizes ranging from post cards up to 10”x13” flats.

Self-Aligning Feed System – Envelopes are fed straighter to protect the contents and to ensure precise postage imprinting. This also guards against wasted postage while ensuring the professional appear- ance of your mail.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Feeder

  • The IntelliLink Control Center Makes Operation Easier Than Ever!
  • IntelliLink Control Center – All of the system’s functions, including updates, are activated and controlled from a single point. This makes the operation easy – even for the casual operator.
  • Simplified Rating – All rate selections are made through the IntelliLink Control Center and updated automatically . The DM550’s weighing options always include both USPS Domestic and International rates.
  • Easy To Follow Prompts – These clear instructions guide the operator thru the necessary steps to get the mail out. The IntelliLink Control Center provides directions for system set-up, accounting, rating, and the processing functions.

Pitney Bowes DM550

Digital Technology Provides Unequalled Flexibility!

  • Sharp Digital Printing – The inkjet printing process creates crisp, razor-sharp images. No more broken imprints due to unevenly filled envelopes.
  • USPS Compliant – Using the latest digital technology, the DM550 is fully compliant with USPS requirements for secure postage printing.
  • Envelope Advertising – You can print a special message on every envelope you mail with your choice of downloadable envelope ads.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Intellilink Control Center

Finish The Job Quickly And Accurately.

  • Standard Accounting Package – The system tracks and displays expenses for up to 25 accounts. And, a built-in keypad allows the full naming of accounts, and speed codes provide for quick selection.
  • Expanded Accounting Options – Increase your account capacity to 100 accounts, and expand your reporting capabilities at the same time. Options include expanded memory, PC Interface and a Report Printer.
  • Job Presets – The system can be configured to handle your routine jobs. It enables even inexperienced operators to easily run jobs that are stored in memory.

Your Digital Gateway To Exclusive Mail Services

Pitney Bowes DM550 Drop-in Roll Tape

Intelligent mailing with one-touch convenience – that’s what IntelliLink Technology delivers. You’ll gain access to a suite of services and management infor- mation that will improve the productivity of your mail center and the performance of your business. Imagine the benefits.

  • USPS & Carrier Payment Solutions – One-touch, online postage replenish- ment is easy and fast through our Postage By Phone® System. You can Pre- Pay for postage, you can get a Postage Advance, or you can earn interest on the balance maintained in your Reserve Account. Also, our new, Carrier Billing Service enables FedEx customers to enjoy flexible payment terms.
  • Features On-Demand – Are you starting a new ad campaign, postage chargeback policy, or a new USPS service? You can instantly download Envelope Ads, Departmental Accounting options, and Postal Inscriptions – all at a touch of a button.
  • Exclusive Pitney Bowes Mail Services – “My Account” at pb.com provides online access to your account information, enables you to order supplies, and even request service. And, our Professional Services ensure the peak performance of our equipment solutions.
  • Instant System Updates – IntelliLink maintains your operating system with the latest software downloads. This ensures maximum performance and protects you from near-term obsoles- cence.
  • USPS Special Services – Enjoy and profit from online Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation for First Class Parcels, Priority Mail and Package Services. Plus, IntelliLink even enables you to process and track Certified Mail – again online.
  • USPS & Carrier Rate Updates – No more rate PROMS! Just download the new rates when you need them.

How IntelliLink Technology Works

Introducing Intellilink Technology

Just connect your IntelliLink Control Center to an analog phone line, and you are automatically linked to our dedicated, Pitney Bowes Server. This server is always on duty, and it remains connected with the USPS and other carriers. This ensures that your DM Series Mailing System keeps current; and you stay linked for postage funds, USPS Special Services, software updates and more. In addition, through your PC our other Exclusive Pitney Bowes Mail Services are available when you need them.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Drop Down Deck

Every mail service and productivity function you could need is at your fingertips. There’s no interruption to your operations, and no service installation is required. IntelliLink Technology will bring your mailing operation into a new era of productivity.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Secure Sealing

DM550 Specifications:

  • Dimensions/Sound (with stacker)
    • 49.5″L x 19”D x 15”H
  • Dimensions/Sound (without stacker)
    • 35″L x 19”D x 15”H
  • Weight:
    • 74 lbs.
  • Sound Level:
    • less than 68dba
  • Electrical
    • 120V, 60Hz (single outlet)
    • ENERGY STAR® Compliant
    • UL and CSA Approvals
  • Speed
    • Up To 160 Letters Per Minute
  • Envelope and Card Sizes
    • Size:
      • Min.- 3″ x 5″, Max.-10″ x 13″
    • Thickness:
      • Min.- .007″, Max.- 5/8″
    • Flap Width:
      • Min.- 1″, Max.- 3″
    • Connectivity Requirements
      • Connects to standard analog phone line.
      • Supplied installation kit includes phone line splitter and six foot phone cord.
      • IntelliLinkControl Center easily detaches to simplify connections.

Pitney Bowes DM550 Weighing Platform

Standard Operating Features:

  • Auto-Dating
  • Multiple Tapes (1-99)
  • Low Postage Alert
  • High Value Protection
  • Original Value Resetting
  • Sealant Level Indicator
  • Seal Only And No Seal Modes
  • Low Ink Alert
  • Password Security
  • Standard Envelope Advertisements
  • Standard Postal Inscriptions
  • Maximum Thickness Warning

Pitney Bowes DM800 Digital Mailing System with IntelliLink Technology For Sale…

A Symco Group customer has a Pitney Bowes DM800 Digital Mailing System with power stacker and communication module available for sale. The communications module gives the DM800 the capability of talking with a folder/inserter. The model is a DM800-DJF1. It has been under Pitney Bowes maintenance since it was purchased and is in good working condition. It is still in production at this time.

If you are interested in seeing the machine run, learn more about it or are interested in purchasing, please contact Symco Group at 800-878-8002 or email us at info@symcogroup.com

Pitney Bowes DM800 Series Overview:

Pitney Bowes DM800

Bring mail center performance to new heights with the Digital Mailing System withIntelliLink® Technology DM800 Series

Mail is a vital tool for communicating with your customers, whether it is in the form of invoicing, marketing, product shipment, or other important communications. Yet, for many businesses, mail is the last frontier for business process improvements. Advancements in technology make this a great time to streamline your mail center.

The DM800 Series Digital Mailing System is the first step to improved processes. It’s easy to use, reliable and delivers high levels of productivity — configured in a way that meets your specific needs. It’s a business solution that brings cost controls, process improvements and accounting functions right to your mail center. Designed for busy mailers, the DM800 can help you automate your mail center and make it run as efficiently as other parts of your business.

  • Automatic Software Updates – Your system’s software will always have the latest enhancements via automatic downloads, keeping your system current.
  • Track Mail Electronically – Take advantage of on-line account information, order supplies, request service, review your equipment inventory and much more with “My Account” at pb.com.
  • Process USPS® Special Services – Electronic Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and Certified Mail can be processed through the IntelliLink® Command Center.

IntelliLink® Technology provides a single-source access to Pitney Bowes, the Postal Service and other carriers. The IntelliLink® Command Center automates all the system’s functions, including USPS® and carrier rate updates, access
to USPS® Special Services and instant access to DM series operating system updates. With IntelliLink® technology, you get critical 24/7 management of postage payments in addition to new feature downloads to help you meet your changing needs. In addition, you benefit from the high-powered mail services available exclusively from Pitney Bowes, including “My Account” at pb.com giving you just-in-time account information.

  • Gain accountability – The DM800 Series Mailing System makes it easy to keep an eye on all your postage expenses.
  • Standard INVIEW Accounting – Tracks and displays postage expenses for up to 50 accounts. A built-in keypad allows the full naming of accounts, and speed codes provide for quick selection as well as 15 operators, transaction level data and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Expanded accounting options – Increase your reporting capabilities with Pitney Bowes’ Budget Manager and expand your accounts up to 1,500. And to maximize visibility and control, the DM Series Mailing Systems integrate with Business Manager, our PC-based accounting solution.
  • Minimal Training – Easy to follow prompts on the IntelliLink® Command Center help guide operators through the steps needed to process the mail. Repetitive jobs can be pre- programmed for faster processing.
  • USPS Compliant –The DM800 series is fully compliant with USPS® requirements for secure postage printing, delivery and tracking information via the web, Information Based Indicia (IBI), and the latest technology for the Postal Security Device.

Realize mail operations cost control

  • Mixed Mail Feeding – Handles mail ranging from postcards
    to 10”x13” flats up to 5/8” in thickness in a single stream, elimi- nating manually sorting of varying types of mail.
  • Weigh-On-The-Way – Our patented technology, in conjunction with Shape Based Rating functionality, maximizes efficiency by processing mixed weight and mixed sized material up to 16 oz. – automatically and in a single operation. Each piece is weighed and measured, the proper postage is calculated and imprinted at speeds of up to 115 letters per minute.
  • Differential Weighing – This feature enables you to place mixed mail pieces on the scale and as you remove a single piece from the stack, the correct postage is calculated and printed.
  • Optional Smart Class – Allows processing of different classes in one mail run based on user defined weight breaks.
  • Interfaced Weighing Platform – The flexibility is yours to configure the best system for your mailing application by choosing from four weighing options: 15 lb., 30 lb., 70 lb. or 149 lb.
  • Carrier Rates – Realize rate shopping flexibility between carriers with Standard Rates for UPS and FedEx.
  • Postage Pass – Automated postage refill ensures you never run out of postage.
  • Dual Tape Capability – A standard feature to apply either gummed or pressure sensitive tape to virtually any material.
  • Time/Date Stamp – Mark incoming mail as “RECEIVED” with date and time to expedite handling.
  • Job Presets – Doing a lot of routine jobs? No problem! The system can store in memory up to 25 of your everyday jobs so that even new operators can run the application easily.

DM800 specifications 

  • Size/Sound:
    • 36”L x 18”H x 22”D (Base System)
    • WOWTM Module adds 20”L
    • Drop Stacker adds 12”L
    • Power Stacker adds 31”L
    • Sound Level: less than 68 dba
  • Weight:
    • Base System 72 lbs.
    • WOW Module 35 lbs.
    • Power Stacker 31 lbs.
  • Electrical:
    • Operates on 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
    • 6.5 amps max.
    • UL and CSA Approvals
  • DM825:
    • Up to 200 letters per minute in non-WOWTM mode
    • Up to 100 letters per minute in WOWTM mode
  • DM875:
    • Up to 230 letters per minute in non-WOWTM mode
    • Up to 115 letters per minute in WOWTM mode
  • Media Specifications:
    • Envelope Size
      • Min.
        • 31/2”x5”
      • Max.
        • 13” x 13” (non-WOW mode)
        • 10” x 13” (WOW mode) – Thickness
      • Min.
        • 007”
        • Max. – 5/8”
      • Width of Flap
        • Min. – 1”
        • Max. – 3”
  • Connectivity Requirements:
    • Constant Connection – High Speed Internet Connectivity
    • Supplied installation kit includes LAN adapter and 14’ phone cord
    • IntelliLink Command Center easily detaches to simplify connections.
  • Standard Operating Features:
    • Auto-Dating
    • Multiple Tapes (1-99)
    • Low Postage Alert
    • High Value Protection
    • Original Value Resetting
    • Sealant Level Indicator
    • Seal Only And No Seal Modes
    • Low Ink Alert
    • Password Security
    • Standard Envelope Advertisements
    • Standard Postal Inscriptions
    • Maximum Thickness Warning
    • Time/Date Stamp
    • Custom Text Messaging
    • Postage Pass
  • Options:
    • PC Interface
    • Report Printer
    • Barcode Scanner
    • Weigh-On-The-Way
    • Differential Weighing
    • Budget Manager Accounting
    • Business Manager Accounting
    • Power Stacker
    • Weighing Platforms (15 lb., 30 lb., 70 lb., 149 lb.)
    • Residual Rates