ESP “H” Pattern Duplex Printing Solution Product Spotlight

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ESP manufactures the highest quality document processing solutions for the direct mail, service bureau, commercial print, and print-on-demand industries. ESP is a world-wide leader in high-speed paper processing equipment because we design and manufacture systems that are reliable and affordable. ESP document processing products support virtually every brand of continuous forms electronic printers and finishing equipment.

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ESP810 Main

When it comes to creating custom duplex solutions, ESP is the industry leader. The ESP “H” pattern solutions give you the ability to use 2 printers for simplex applications or simply convert to a duplex operation quickly, without tools and without moving any equipment. With three different “H” pattern solutions available, you can count on ESP to make the most of duplex printing systems.

ESP810 “H1” Pattern Duplex Solution

ESP810 H1

The patented ESP810 H1 places the two printers with the operator panels facing each other. This solution keeps the operators work area between the two printers. The output from each printer is at opposite ends when running in simplex mode. When in duplex mode, the input and output are on the same end of the system.

ESP820 “H2” Pattern Duplex Solution

ESP820 H2

The ESP820 H2 configuration allows printers to be placed so that the workflow moves in one direction. With the pre- and post- processing equipment at opposite ends. This solution provides better workflow in data centers with multiple duplex printing systems.

ESP830 “H3” Pattern Duplex Solution

ESP830 H3

The ESP830 H3 solution can be set-up for simplex highlight color or standard duplex printing. The ESP830 H3 works exactly like the ESP820 H2 solution with the additional ability to print side “A” on printer one in one color and send side “A” into printer two to add a highlight color.


  • Three distinct solutions
    • ESP810 H1 for standard duplex processing
    • ESP820 H2 for standard duplex processing
    • ESP830 H3 for duplex black and white and highlight color applications
  • Easily converted – from simplex to duplex operation without moving equipment.
  • Compact design – footprint can be as small as 20′ x 30′, including the pre- and post- processing equipment.
  • Diamond plate bridge – Covers the paper path, allowing the operator to walk over the system.
  • Air pump – For turnbars. Helps reduce paper drag and static build-up.