Save money on your Unisys mainframe maintenance

Symco Group has provided on-site maintenance repair for the entire line of Unisys (MCP and OS) mainframes since 1985. Symco Group first began maintaining the Burroughs (Unisys) B1x00’s in the early 1980’s, then as our customers migrated to the Unisys A series, Symco Group evolved as well supporting everything from the A1 to the largest A19. Once Unisys came out with the NX and LX series, Symco Group again invested in the infrastructure to support the entire line from the NX4200 through the NX6800’s as well as the LX’s (OS2200).Today, we are capable of supporting all the previous generations of Unisys mainframes as well as the Unisys Libra and Dorado series.

Our customers include or have included the top companies in every industry. Fortunate 50 companies through local governments and small businesses.

In addition to the Unisys mainframe, Symco Group provides support for all the peripherals that make up a computer room. These include disk subsystems, tape subsystems, printers, optical drives, etc.

Our support is all inclusive and covers all hardware break-fix repair, software support including MCP, preventive maintenance, parts and travel.

Maintenance Support Overview:

  • Proven transition plans
  • One contract for all service
  • Customized support agreements to meet your unique needs
  • All inclusive: Hardware, Software and technical support
  • Equal to or improved support coverage in relation to Unisys
  • Savings between 30% and 50% off Unisys maintenance rates
  • Financially backed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • 100% parts guarantee
  • Customized reporting
  • Service Plans tailored to meet your requirements
  • Response times designed to accommodate your requirements
  • Real time call closing

Symco Group provides third party Unisys maintenance support across the United States for a fraction of the price Unisys charges. We also have a history of supporting Unisys sites in overseas markets.

If you have a Unisys mainframe and are looking to extend it’s life, lower your operating cost or are looking to transition to a different platform and need support, contact Symco Group today at 800-878-8002 or email

Symco wants your excess equipment!

Upgrading one or more solutions and need someone to buy your excess or no longer needed equipment? Maybe you are going through a merger, acquisition or liquidation and need to sell equipment fast?

Symco Group is here to help. We buy:

  • Production printers
    • IBM/Ricoh
    • Oce’
    • Xerox
    • Kodak
  • Mail equipment
    • Pitney Bowes
    • Bell and Howell
    • Bowe Systec
    • Kern
    • Hewlett Packard
  • Finishing equipment
    • Hunkeler
    • Roll Systems (RSI)
    • Tecnau
    • Lasermax
    • ESP
  • Mainframes
    • IBM
    • Unisys
  • Production scanning equipment
    • Unisys
    • IBML
    • Banctec
    • NCR
    • Digital Check
    • Canon
    • Panini

When selling your equipment to Symco we will make it transparent. Equipment is paid for prior to pickup. We will handle the de-installation and manage the removal and shipping out of your facility allowing you to focus on your own business.

Whatever your situation, let us know how we can help.

Symco Group

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Buford GA 30518